Application Timeline

*Please ensure that all notes entered into ChildPlus are objective and relevant to the familys file.  Please remember that at any time a file may be subpoenaed or reviewed by our Federal or State reviewers.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please reach out to your supervisor.  If supervisors have any questions, please reach out to the ERSEA/Data Coordinator.

Examples of Objective Notes

         LM for mom to call back re:  Baby Johns application.  

         Contacted mom she stated that she will send over income documentation.

         Contacted mom as location was listed as first preference.  Mom stated that she had already been contacted by someone else.

New Application/inquiry Timeline

         An online application and or inquiry is received by a Family Coach 

         The family Coach who is the first location preference will reach out to the family within 2 business days. 

         Notes will be added in the enrollment notes section indicating that contact was made or attempted. 

IF contact is not made/documented with in 2 days the second preference FC may reach out to the first preference FC to ask if attempts have been made or if they can help out with completing the application. 


         FC will pull their waitlist, FC will contact families with their location preference first. 

         FC will add in objective notes of each contact attempted or made. 

If second preference FC has an opening they must first contact FC with first preference before reaching out to the family. 

*In the event that an FC is on vacation or there is an open position for a caseload/classroom, the supervisor will delegate a designee to ensure that all applications are completed and open slots filled within the above timeframes.