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I created a ticket, when can I expect an answer?

Most, if not all tickets, are answered as quickly as possible. However, depending on current workloads, you may not get an immediate answer. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may need to follow up with a call to your supervisor after the Ticket has been submitted.

Accepted Kids Report 2025

Instructions for Pulling 2025 in ChildPlus (Accepted Kiddos) Type in Report #2025 Select your Program Term (2021/2022, EHS, MO EHS, or HS) Select your Site Select your Classroom Status select Accepted Grouping Classroom Report Type - Detail Also include: a. Ineligible applicants (if you have an...

If a childs Physician has checked the dental on the physical form, can we count it as a dental?

If a physician has checked the dental on the physical form and fills out the dental form to detail what exactly was completed at the physical appointment (counting teeth, applying fluoride, etc) it can be counted as a dental. Many pediatricians can do a basic dental exam and if any problems are d...

Is the health packet supposed to be redone each year? Or how often should it be redone?

The health packet should be completed annually. If you completed one in say, April 2021 for the 20-21 school year, I would just have the parents/guardians look over the current one and make sure there are no changes. Family Coaches will need to ensure the Health Packet is updated at the necessary...

If a staff member needs an item like stamps to do recruitment, can the staff member purchase the stamps & be reimbursed for it?

If there is anything that you need, you should be telling your Team Supervisor at your weekly Team Meeting. The Team Supervisor is responsible for writing purchase orders for all center items. The Team Supervisor can go to Merchant and check out the credit card from accounting and go to the post ...

Application Timeline

*Please ensure that all notes entered into ChildPlus are objective and relevant to the familys file.  Please remember that at any time a file may be subpoenaed or reviewed by our Federal or State reviewers.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please reach out to your su...

Can you reset my paycom password?

Employees can reset their own password in self-service. Click on Forgot Password and Paycom will send you a temporary password to your agency email.

Can I use unpaid time off?

Unpaid time off should only be used for extreme emergencies or if it was approved prior to hire.

Can I use annual leave and sick leave during orientation?

You cannot use annual leave until your orientation period is complete. You can use sick leave if you have hours available.

Why didn't I earn my annual and sick leave accruals this month?

You have to work 125.50 hours the previous month in order to accrue leave on the first payroll of the next month.

Where can I view/print my check stubs?

In your Paycom self-service portal, click on payroll then view my stubs.

Why are federal taxes not being deducted from my paychecks?

The Paycom system automatically calculates payroll tax deductions based on the tax forms employees have completed. To update your tax forms, log into your Paycom self-service portal, click on payroll then tax setup.

How do I approve my timecard?

In the Paycom self-service portal, under Time Management, click approve timecard on the bottom right of the page. You can approve daily, weekly or at the end of the pay period. Your timecard must be approved at the end of every pay period.

Do I have to add comments daily in Paycom?

Yes, it must be entered for every day worked. A comment is a brief description of what you did that day. The comments are important for our funding sources.

How long do I have to work for the agency to be eligible for FMLA?

You have to work for the agency for 12 months and worked at least 1,250 hours during that 12 month period.

How do I login to an agency computer?

To Login to any agency computer your username will be your agency assigned email address. Example: ssmith@jfcac.orgWhen your account was created you were assigned a temporary password. Once you login to an agency computer for the first time, you will receive a prompt to change your password.Passw...

How do I add my agency email to my iPhone?

From Your Home Screen Click Settings Mail, Contacts, CalendarsClick on Add AccountSelect ExchangeType Your Full E-mail Address: username@jfcac.org Enter Your E-mail Password Description Can be Whatever you want: Excahnge or Work Account You may receive a prompt about verifying the server, click c...

Protect yourself from COVID-19 Phishing Attacks

Five Sneaky Ways Cybercriminals are Capitalizing on COVID-19 By Carrie Dagenhard (Tech Writer)For the past couple of months, most of us have been stuck at home, striving to maintain some semblance of a normal routine. Nearly everything about the way we work has changed, and, as an IT leader, keep...

One Drive - File Name(s) too long for the destination folder.

One Drive Limits the number of characters a file name can have, the folder structure that the file sits in, also counts toward this limit. The limit is 400 characters.Example: L:\staff\users\jane\documents\New Work\2020\Jan\testfile.pdf (All of these characters count toward the file name in the c...

How to Connect to an Agency Printer

NOTE: The Computer you are working on will need to be joined to JFCAC's Cloud Server.To Connect Your Computer to an agency printer: Select the Start button (Windows Logo bottom left corner), then select Settings (Gear-shaped Settings icon). Select Devices > Select Printers & Scanners > Click on ...

How to access Signing Hub.

Signing Hub is the agency's electronic signature platform.INSTRUCTIONS FOR REQUESTING AN ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE USING WWW.SIGNINGHUB.COM 1. Log in to www.signinghub.com 2.Click on more log in options 3.Select Office 365 (As long as your are logged into an agency computer it will automatically log ...

How to Disable/Enable E-mail Notifications

This will guide you through the process of turning Email notifications for windows built-in mail client on/off. Open the Mail app on your computer. In the lower left-hand corner of the window, click on the Settings icon. Select Notifications. Option 1: Choose the account you want to disable noti...

How to delete corrupt or hidden email rule

Use this resource to delete the corrupt/hidden rule.https://o365info.com/delete-corrupted-hidden-exchange-inbox-rules-using-mfcmapi/

Brother ADS-2200 Desktop Scanner Manual

Below is a user manual for the Brother ADS-2200 Desktop Scanner. Brother ads2200 Manual.pdf 3.4 MB

RingCentral Meetings Breakout Room Management for Host

Below is an article regarding managing breakout rooms in ring central for Host and Co-hosts of meetings. Manage Breakout Rooms on RingCentral Meetings.pdf 175.8 KB

RingCentral Meetings - Participate in Breakout rooms.

Below is an article regarding Participating in Breakout Rooms in Ring Central Meetings.This is helpful for users who need assistance from the participate side of the meeting. Participate in Breakout Rooms on RingCentral Meetings Rooms.pdf 94.78 KB

RingCentral Meeting App Crash Workaround

Hello,As some of you may know the Ring Central Meeting platform has a bug within the program, that is causing the app to crash during screen sharing. Ring Central is aware of this issue and they are working to resolve this. In the meantime they have released a workaround. Below are the steps to m...

How to Export/Import Bookmarks and settings in Chrome.

To export and save your bookmarks, open Chrome and go to Menu > Bookmarks > Bookmark manager. Then click the three-dot icon and select Export Bookmarks. Finally, choose where to save your Chrome bookmarks. Open Chrome and click the icon with three vertical dots in the top-right corner. Then hove...

How do I add/change my email signature?

Uses are not permitted to modify/change their email signature block. The agency utilizes central management for e-mail signatures. This helps ensure that the JFCAC "Brand" is consistent. If you notice your email signature is not correct, please submit an IT Ticket so that this can be changed.

Child Plus is asking for an Agency ID?

From Time to Time Child Plus may automatically install updates, or loose the Preprogrammed Agency ID Information, As shown in the image below, when you launch the CP software you may receive a prompt for Agency ID.JFCAC's Child Plus Agency ID is: JeffersonFranklin Once you input that information ...

With the possibility of everyone coming back to work all week, will the agency still be flexible with working from home? (I.e. we are sick and cant come in but are still well enough to work from home)

There has been no agency decision on changing current policy and/or developing a new policy regarding remote work. The Office of Head Start (OHS) has communicated clear expectations that programs return to normal operations as long as there is no health/safety risk related to COVID in the local c...

Is there a list of the programs offered through the Think Tank program that we can view?

The Think Tank is an agency initiative that involves several ongoing projects from each program. An introduction and overview of this initiative and each project will be presented at the Aug. Agency All Staff.

7/1/21 - Do we have children on Wednesday 11/24, which is the day before Thanksgiving? We have not had children on this day the past couple of year but the calendar said nothing about it this year so I was wondering what the plan for that day was?

We will continue as we have done in past years and will not have services the day before Thanksgiving- I will update the calendar on the HUB and outlook. Thanks for catching this!

7/8/21- There are days on the outlook calendar that are not on the program calendar on the HUB (I.e. spring break & PD Day on Feb. 28) - Which calendar is correct?

The program calendar on the HUB only includes programmatic dates but does not include individual center closures for spring break. Center based closures are only included on the outlook calendar.

7/12/21 - So each center has their own individual spring break dates in the outlook calendar?

Spring Break Dates for each center is posted on the outlook Head Start Team group calendar. Locations in Districts will follow the spring break closures same as the district. Other centers not located within school districts have 3 scheduled spring break days where no services will be conducted.

7/20/21 - Are staff members supposed to be using their personal devices to take pictures of the kids? Or what is the agency procedures on this?

Per the Agency Employee Handbook, page 27: Employees are prohibited from taking pictures of clients or children on their personal camera, cellphone or other personal electronic device. If you need a devise to take pictures of children for work purposes, please discuss this with your supervisor.  ...

7/23/21 - The orientation checklist sent out with the heads up says DRAFT across it. Are we supposed to be using it?

Cara Greenwald emailed out the updated orientation form on 7/27/21. You can also find the updated form on the HUB: Head Start> Education and Child Development> Conferences and Home Visits> Documents > Orientation Packet folder.  You can also access the Orientation form by clicking on this link: O...

When will the updated parent involvement form be available?

New Family Involvement forms will be available after Pre Service

When will the updated paperwork for the health packet be available?

The new paperwork is in the process of being finalized and approved.

We were told to start doing health packets with families before seeking approval, but now the HP is being updated. Will the old health packet be accepted for 2021/2022 kids?

At this time, if an old HP is current and completed before the new HP comes out, yes it will be accepted.

Can the Management Team, or whomever can adjust forms investigate adding a ling on the Authorization to obtain and release information form, Below physician phone number for physicians Fax number?

If a family presents a fax number to you for a physician or other provider, just write it either next to or below and note that the number is a fax number. This is something we can look into adding in the future. If you are in need of a fax number, and have the physicians phone number, you may ca...

Yealink W60P - Cordless VOIP Phone.

Below is a user manual for the Yealink W60P Cordless VOIP Phones.As of this posting, these phones are utilized in the Head Start & WIC Departments. w60p.pdf 4.35 MB

Reoccurring Meetings in Ring Central

When you are scheduling a reoccurring meeting, make sure that you are using your personal meeting ID from Ring Central, rather than generating an ID automatically. The Automatically generated ID, will expire after the first meeting, and will no longer be valid for subsequent meetings.

System Overview

The Community Action Management Platform (CAMP) is a central location to manage Customer Records, and the associated service(s) each Customer receives through the various Community Action Program.The system is designed so that Customer's have a central record to eliminate duplicate customer count...

CMR Overview

From the Customer's Master Record, Staff will be able to access the Customers' specific Program Application/Record of Service(s) for the programs that they have been crated access to. It is vital that Program Staff when working with a new Customer, complete and/or verify the Customer's Master Rec...

I have been vaccinated but was in close contact with someone who tested positive. Do I have to quarantine?

It depends:If you have no symptoms and you are fully vaccinated you do not have to quarantine. CDC does recommend you get tested 3-5 days after exposure.If you do have symptoms then you would need to quarantine for 14 days from the last exposure.